Intelligent Heat.
Clean Electricity.

HEXIS fuel cell systems combine cutting edge technology
with environmentally-friendly efficiency (A++). 

Research and development partners


National and international partnerships


HEXIS works together with numerous research and development institutions in Switzerland and the EU. This includes, for example, the SOF-CH network, various EU projects and partnerships with Empa in Dübendorf (CH) and ZHAW in Winterthur. Moreover, renowned manufacturers have contributed their expertise and components for developing and manufacturing Galileo.



Field Test partners


Renowned partners – first-class references


HEXIS works together with approved partners facilitating the excellent operation of the fuel cell heating appliance according to our customers’ needs without any tradeoffs. Our long term field test partners already acquired valuable knowledge about the application of the technology and serve to prepare the large scale market diffusion. To achieve this goal, we continuously develop new and strengthen the existing partnerships along the whole supply chain worldwide.


As a result, we could gain broad knowledge out of more than 200 installations, their operation and maintenance in residential applications. Already today, we have access to a total of more than 100 trained installers in the industry.


This effort of long-term field testing and a widespread partner network in the market was essential for the successful pilot market introduction in Q4/2013.


Public Dates

You can get to know HEXIS and our fuel cell heater directly. At the following events you can speak to us in person.

ASUE bestätigt niedrigste jährliche Heizkosten mit Brennstoffzellen im Vergleich von verschiedenen Heiztechnologien!

Fordern Sie jetzt bei HEXIS einen kostenlosen und individuellen Wirtschaftlichkeitsvergleich zur geplanten Heizungsmodernisierung an.

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Galileo 1000 N

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